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Our Faith


If you wish to be baptized or to have your child baptized into the Church, please contact Father Jason ( no later than one month in advance to make arrangements. You need not be a member of the church to be baptized or have an infant baptized.
Confirmation classes are held when the need arises to catechize someone.  After a course of study, the Sacrament is administered by the Diocesan Bishop or his designee. 
Word of God: 
The Polish National Catholic Church is unique in the Catholic Faith. The hearing of the Word of God read from the Scriptures and Preached in the Sermon is considered a Sacrament. 
St. Mary’s is a beautiful setting for a marriage.  At least one of the couple needs to be a parishioner here or at another Polish National Catholic Church.  A couple must meet with Father Jason a number of times before the big day. Dates should be reserved at least 6 months in advance.  
Holy Eucharist: 
Any baptized Christian who believes in the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist is invited to receive communion.  At St. Mary’s and in the entire PNCC, we administer this Sacrament at Mass by intinction – the Body of Christ is dipped into the Blood of Christ and placed directly on the Communicant’s tongue.   If you do not wish to receive the Blessed Sacrament, you may come forward to the Communion Rail, bow your head, and receive a blessing from the priest.
Sick Calls, Home Visits:  
Father Jason is available for sick calls and home visits at any time. We would especially like to reach out to all homebound Members and Friends of the parish and bring them the Holy Eucharist. Please call the parish office or the rectory to let us know if you would like Father Jason to visit a friend or family member. Please be mindful that due to Hipaa laws, a family or individual should contact Father Jason directly and not solely rely on the facility. Remember, in an emergency call immediately so that God may assist you in your time of need. 
The Burial of the Dead may include a celebration of Holy Eucharist. The liturgy for the Burial of the Dead is a resurrection liturgy characterized by a sense of the celebration of the life of the person who has died and is most appropriate to the occasion as well as affording comfort to the bereaved. The death of a Parishioner should be communicated as soon as possible.

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